Top 5 Wednesday

Favorite Underrated Books

This week’s Top 5 Wednesday prompt is all about our favorite underrated books. And so I’ve chosen books that I don’t see enough people talking/raving about. But, they should be. Because they’re awesome. 🙂


1. I Hate Fairyland by Scottie Young: This is such a fantastic comic series. It follows a girl named Gert who gets dropped into Fairyland, and is set on a quest to find a key and go back home. Unfortunately, the quest is much more difficult than she realized, and now she’s been stuck in Fairyland for the last 30ish years. On the outside she’s still a little girl – but on the inside she’s a maladjusted middle-aged woman hellbent on wreaking havoc on Fairyland. But, the best part of this comic is Scottie Young’s art. He has such a unique style that’s really beautiful. I Hate Fairyland is bright, bloody, and a heck of a good time.

2. Giant Days by John Allison, Lissa Treiman, and Whitney Cogar: This is one of my absolute favorite comic series. It centers around 3 girls who attend university in the UK. Susan is a fowl-mouthed cynic which a smoking habit she just can’t break, Esther is a Gothic beauty whose a bit accident prone, and Daisy is a sweet, upbeat girl adjusting to being away from home for the first time. And, its just a fun, slice-of-life series following the girls, their friendship, and the adventures. If you are wanting to get into comics, but aren’t really interest in science fiction or superheroes – give this a try!

3. The Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly Black: This is a fantastic standalone fantasy novel about Hazel and her brother Ben who live in a weird little town called Fairfold which has fairies living the forest next to it. There is a glass coffin in the woods where a boy with horns has been sleeping for as long as the pair can remember – but when he wakes up one day the Hazel and Ben are swept up in a new adventure. While the story is really entertaining, the best part of the book are the characters and their relationships with each other. There is a wonderfully written gay romance, and the relationship between the siblings is very well done. The Darkest Part of the Forest is perfect for people who love fantasy standalone novels, paranormal stories, or anything involving Fae/Fairies.

4. North & South by Elizabeth Gaskell: North & South follows Margaret Hale as she is forced to move from the idyllic south to the busy, industrial north of England. The north is rife with poverty and suffering which drives Margaret towards the cause of social justice. But, this newfound passion puts her at odds with mill-owner and John Thornton. Their heated, contemptuous interactions are often laced with unwanted attractions. If you love Pride & Prejudice you’ll love this. Its full of great lines, strong women, and angsty hate-to-love romance. Plus, the extra layer of social issues like poverty, industrialization, and unionization make this extra special.

5. Jackaby by William Ritter: Jackaby follows a Sherlock-esque paranormal detective R.F. Jackaby and his assisant Abigail Rook who investigate the strange and supernatural. It’s a really funny and a bit macabre series set in 1892 full of great characters and a sweet romance (not between Jackaby and Abigail – yay! for platonic male/female relationships). If you love the paranormal, BBC’s Sherlock, or historical mysteries – I definitely recommend you pick this up!

**Top 5 Wednesday was created by Lainey from gingerreadslainey on Youtube and is now hosted by Sam from Thoughts on Tomes.  There is Goodreads group open to anyone who wants to join in on #T5W fun.

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      1. Nice! That’s been my favorite because you learn a lot. I’m also glad that the final book is coming out in August. Yeah I read the first one on a whim and it was nice to not focus on a ton of world building or things like that

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