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Unpopular Opinions Book Tag

These are some of my absolute favorite tag videos to watch and posts to read. Maybe I'm weird, but I like hearing about the books people didn't like just as much as the ones they did. I wasn't actually tagged to do this, but I wanted to. And, I make the rules here. Haha. You… Continue reading Unpopular Opinions Book Tag

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August TBR/Tome Topple Readathon

Hello Bookworms! I'm back - again. One of these days I won't have to apologize for my prolonged absence, but as Aragorn says in Return of the King, "It is not this day!" Haha. In addition to my regular TBR for August, I've also got a special readathon TBR. I am going to be participating… Continue reading August TBR/Tome Topple Readathon