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#Blogmas Day 22 I Bookshelf Organization

Hello bookworms! Today I want to talk about they way I have my bookshelves organized. A few months ago I decided to separate my read and unread books, and honestly it was a game changer for me. It inspired me to do a massive unhaul of both read and unread books. So now my shelves are full of books I’ve read and enjoyed or am genuinely excited to read.

I keep my books in one of 3 main areas: the living room, the reading room, and my bedroom. The living room holds my read fiction books, the reading room holds my un-read TBR books, and all my non-fiction history books are kept in my bedroom.

Here is an overview of my living room shelves:

The living room houses all of my read fiction books. And I have them roughly sorted by genre – though both Erin Morgenstern and Brandon Sanderson have their own shelves. And separated by age group – so all my YA books are together and all my Middle Grade books are together.

The far left two bookcases hold 3 shelves of YA novels, my Erin Morgenstern collection, and my comics and graphic novels.

The middle section holds my first edition of The Hobbit and my Star Wars books. And my favorite LOTR and Star Wars Funko Pops.

The right two shelves house my Brandon Sanderson books, 3 shelves of Adult Fantasy, 1 shelf of Adult Sci-Fi, and then the bottom shelf is half Middle Grade and half Contemporary.

Around the same time that I decided to separate my read and unread books, I decided to create a reading room. Our dining room was sitting basically unused, so I took the table down, added a cozy chair and a bookcase. And viola – the perfect reading area. And its a great place to keep all my unread books.

And lastly, the bookcase in my room houses all of my non-fiction History books. I have a graduate degree in History so these are all the books from school and working on my thesis. They’re organized by color cause why not? Haha.

How do you organize your books? Do you separate them by genre or author? Do you mix your unread books with your read books or do you keep them separate?

Happy Reading ♥

3 thoughts on “#Blogmas Day 22 I Bookshelf Organization

  1. Your shelves are beautiful! ❤ I've been meaning to re-organize my bookshelves this month (maybe it's something I'll do later today!), but I can't decide HOW to organize them. I want a separate shelf for unread books too but I really don't want to separate series.
    Someone suggested to put all unread books horizontally and all read books vertically, so I might try to do just that and see how it looks (there are going to be too many horizontal books…) Lol

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    1. Thank you so much!

      I totally get that – I spent entirely too much time thinking about how to organize them. But, I want the organization to make sense, but also look good, you know?

      I never thought about that (the horizontal thing), but that sounds like a really cool idea! And a way to separate read/unread while still keeping your series together.

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