Yearly Reading Stats

Hello Bookworms! Today we’re talking about my reading statistics for 2019.

I read 116 books for a total of 39,594 pages. 105 were new books, 10 re-reads, and one massively disappointing DNF.

And, just in case you’re looking to track your own reading statistics for 2020, you can download a copy of my spreadsheet for your own use 🙂 **You can get your own copy here**

2019 Reading Statistics

So my monthly reading was kinda all over the place. August was my best month with 17 reads. But, I only read 3 things in June and December.

I am definitely lucky that I read so many things that I genuinely enjoyed. I only had one 1 star and four 2.5 stars. Everything else was 3 stars or above.

Unsurprisingly, my most read genre is Fantasy and my second most read is Science Fiction. But, I am kinda surprised that I read 10 contemporary and 4 romances.

My age range break down is about what I expected – mostly adult with some YA and Middle Grade mixed in.

I didn’t read nearly as many “big” books as I would have thought. I figured the 500-599 and 600-699 categories would have been my biggest sections (aside from the 100-199 because of the novellas and comics I read).

I definitely want to work on reading more diversely in 2020. The number of white authors is far greater than the number of BIPOC and POC authors. I am happy with the number of #ownvoices and diverse books I read, though I would like number of not diverse books to be smaller next year.

2019 Acquisition Statistics

My book buying in September and October was a little out of control. And, I’m hoping to be a little more reasonable in 2020, but we shall see.

And, just like my reading tastes, the majority of the books I bought were adult fantasy.

How was your reading year in 2019? Do you track your statistics? Were there any that surprised you?

Happy Reading ♥

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