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The New Year Book Tag

Hello Bookworms! Today we’re doing a book tag. I was tagged by Danni @ _ForBooksSake to do The New Year Book Tag. Make’s sure you check out her blog for lots of great bookish content. Thank’s for tagging me Danni! 🙂

The New Year Book Tag was created by Heather at Bookables.

How many books are you planning on reading in 2020?
»» Ideally, I’d like to hit my 100 book goal on Goodreads, but I honestly don’t know how feasible that is. Especially since I want to spend more time blogging and reviewing every book I read. So I might end up lowering it to 75.

Name five books you didn’t get to read in 2019, but want to make a priority in 2020:
»» Fifth Season by NK Jemisin
»» Oathbringer by Brandon Sanderson
»» Republic of Thieves by Scott Lynch
»» The Ship of Magic by Robin Hobb
»» Kingdom of Copper by SA Chakraborty

Name a genre you wan to read more of in 2020:
»» Science Fiction. Over 50% of what I read last year was Fantasy – which was awesome. But, I definitely want to increase my Science Fiction reading in 2020. I want my SFF reads to be a little more balanced between the two genres rather than mostly Fantasy with a little Science Fiction.

Three non-book related goals for 2020:
»» Get more adventurous in the kitchen – I really want to expand my cooking skills and try making lots of new things
»» Learn to not feel guilt for making self-care a priority
»» Establish a better daily routine that includes a full nights sleep and some form of exercise

What’s a book you’ve had forever that you still need to read?
»» The Black Prism by Brent Weeks: I think this is one of the oldest books on my TBR.

One word that you’re hoping 2020 will be. I’m going to be changing this one a big and use this for my Word of the Year:
»» Grounded

I tag:
»» Meghan @ Meghan’s Whimsical Explorations & Reviews
»» Alex @ Whimsy Pages
»» Sophie @ Me & Ink

Hope you’re having a great reading year so far! And, even if want to do this tag, consider yourself tagged. 🙂

Happy Reading ♥

18 thoughts on “The New Year Book Tag

  1. I relate to so much you said – particularly, making self care a priority. I have a tendency to always book my weekends up with errands/social visits and I always get so run down so for this year I’ve been making sure that I’m leaving at least one day a weekend (where possible) for me (and my family) and it’s been so goooood. I sometimes feel a bit guilty or selfish but I find others looking after themselves so inspiring and reassuring – seriously, go you!

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  2. Best of luck with all your goals!!! 💛
    This is such a great tag!!
    I would love to read 100 books a year but it seems like such a lot. My goal is 40 books at the moment!!
    I hardly read Sci-Fi but I hope you find some great books in that genre this year!!
    I definitely think trying to be more adventurous in the kitchen is a great goal because I always mean to do it!! 🙈 and yes self care is so important so I hope you do it more and don’t feel guilty 😊
    Thank you so much for the tag 💛

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  3. Thank you for tagging me! ❤
    I feel like I have TOO many books I want to read this year, and trying to focus on one book at a time. I even started "scheduling" my next reads to stay on top of things. Lol

    The Fifth Season trilogy and Kingdom of Copper are also very high on my TBR. I just hope to actually get to them this year. 😀

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  4. This is a fun tag! I like how it incorporates life with and without books. I’m very goal oriented, especially at the beginning of the new year. I would love to hit a GR goal of 100 books for the year. I think I ended up reading 62 in 2019. I would love to be able to read 100 but I just started grad school so I’m not really sure how much time I’m going to have for anything else. I’m hoping I can keep it all balanced though. I also don’t read much Science Fiction. I tend to gravitate towards fantasy way more. My biggest bookish goal of the year is to read books from my own bookshelves. I work at a library so I tend to read a lot of books from work. I think if I had to choose a word that I’m hoping the year will be, I’d choose successful. Thanks for sharing this fun tag!

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    1. Definitely!

      62 is still an awesome amount! And, I totally get the school thing – I hardly read for pleasure at all while I was in grad school so any reading you get done is definitely a bonus!

      That’s a great goal! It would definitely be hard to stay focused on your own shelves with all those libraries just waiting there to be read. Haha.

      You’re very welcome! Good luck reading this year! (And on grad school!)


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