January TBR

It's my first TBR of the year, and I figure - go big or go home, right? So I've got two massive epic fantasy books on this list, as well as couple smaller fantasy reads, a romance, and a contemporary/historical fiction. I've already finished my first book of the year (a reread of Pride &… Continue reading January TBR

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My Complete Physical TBR

Hi Bookworms! I hope you all had a fantastic holiday season (if you celebrate). I took an unplanned break after completing 23 days of #Blogmas so that I could focus spending time with my family, and honestly it was a fantastic choice. It allowed me to rest and re-charge, and get me excited about blogging… Continue reading My Complete Physical TBR

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#Blogmas Day 23 I Christmas Book Blogger Tag

The Christmas Book Bloggers Tag was created by Trish at Between My Lines. And I was tagged by Alex at Whimy Pages. Thanks for tagging me Alex! Definitely check out her blog for lots of great bookish content. 1. What is your Favorite Christmas scene in a book?Hmm...this is kind of a tough one. I… Continue reading #Blogmas Day 23 I Christmas Book Blogger Tag

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#Blogmas Day 22 I Bookshelf Organization

Hello bookworms! Today I want to talk about they way I have my bookshelves organized. A few months ago I decided to separate my read and unread books, and honestly it was a game changer for me. It inspired me to do a massive unhaul of both read and unread books. So now my shelves… Continue reading #Blogmas Day 22 I Bookshelf Organization

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#Blogmas Day 20 I Favorite Publishers

Happy #Blogmas Day 20 Bookworms! Today we are talking publishing imprints - and more specifically my top 5 favorite ones. I will also be recommending some of my favorite books from each in case you're looking to add some more books on your 2020 TBR. 🙂 1. Orbit BooksOrbit is my highest read publishing imprint… Continue reading #Blogmas Day 20 I Favorite Publishers


#Blogmas Day 19 I I Made a Reading/Blogging Spreadsheet

Hi bookworms! For the last couple of years I've been tracking my reading using a spreadsheet, and its been incredibly fun. I like seeing all the stats and charts at the end of the year - What genres am I reading? How many pages? What are the author demographics, etc? And most importantly - how… Continue reading #Blogmas Day 19 I I Made a Reading/Blogging Spreadsheet

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#Blogmas Day 18 I 20 Books to Read in 2020

Happy #Blogmas Day 18 Bookworms! Today we are talking about the top 20 books that I want to read in 2020. (These are books that are already published and currently sitting on my TBR shelf just waiting for me to pick them up.) Lots of sequels and some new series that I want to try.… Continue reading #Blogmas Day 18 I 20 Books to Read in 2020

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#Blogmas Day 17 I Books to Read this Winter

Today we're talking about books I think you should pick up this winter. For me, cold weather is perfect for curling up with a cozy blanket, a cup of cocoa, and a good book. I especially like books set in a cold environment or epic fantasy in the winter. And, of course I had to… Continue reading #Blogmas Day 17 I Books to Read this Winter

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#Blogmas Day 16 I Starsight Review

Title: StarsightAuthor: Brandon SandersonSeries: Skyward #2Published: Gollancz (November 26, 2019)Pages: 468 (Hardcover)Rating: 5/5 So I don't know how Sanderson continues to shock and amaze me with his plot twists, but he does. Every. Single. Time. Starsight is a brilliant book from start to finish, and I can't wait to see where the story takes us next. “A hero does not choose… Continue reading #Blogmas Day 16 I Starsight Review