Yearly Reading Stats

Hello Bookworms! Today we're talking about my reading statistics for 2019. I read 116 books for a total of 39,594 pages. 105 were new books, 10 re-reads, and one massively disappointing DNF. And, just in case you're looking to track your own reading statistics for 2020, you can download a copy of my spreadsheet for… Continue reading Yearly Reading Stats

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#Blogmas Day 22 I Bookshelf Organization

Hello bookworms! Today I want to talk about they way I have my bookshelves organized. A few months ago I decided to separate my read and unread books, and honestly it was a game changer for me. It inspired me to do a massive unhaul of both read and unread books. So now my shelves… Continue reading #Blogmas Day 22 I Bookshelf Organization

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#Blogmas Day 13 I 2020 Reading/Blog Goals

Hello Bookworms! Can you believe that I've been consistently blogging for 13 days? Cause I can't. 😂😂😂 Today we are talking 2020 Reading and Blog Goals. 2019 has been my best reading year in a really long time, and I've loved getting back into blogging and talking books with everyone. So I definitely want to… Continue reading #Blogmas Day 13 I 2020 Reading/Blog Goals